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Bugtracking System

Bluewater MVC has a Bugtracking System . Use this forum to report all bugs and other development issues. When reporting bugs please always give info about the used OS, Webserver and Browser.

To use the bug tracker, you will need a LaunchPad account.

Tests Please: if you are able, please attach a failing unit test with your bug report - this really helps a lot.

Please read How to Report Bugs Effectively before submitting a bug.

And remember: Every time you submit a bad bug report, god kills a kitten.

How to use the bugtracking System

First make sure the bug or feature request isn't already there. Enter some keywords in the search box at the top and choose All Statuses - this makes sure you also find already closed bugs – your bug may already be fixed ;-)

If you found a bugreport on “your” bug, just add a comment or (even better) an attachment if you can provide additional and useful information. You can also add your self to the notify list to get informed when the status of the bug changes.

If you didn't find your bug use the “Add new task” at the very top. Take some time to fill all fields you are asked for.

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